Vizir Group provides a clear answer to all these questions and accompanies you in the marketing process through an innovative tool that allows you to carry out a virtual visit of the flats before purchase, thus facilitating the sale.


It is sometimes difficult to read and visualise a project clearly when looking at plans for a building project.

Vizir group allows you to visualise your house in 3D and walk through the rooms.

You can even run simulations, change the colour of the tiles, the size of the rooms and even the orientation of the space.

Real estate marketing

Promoting your property project to a wide range of customers is like running an effective marketing campaign.

Creating a brand that encompasses everyone's tastes and colours is very difficult if not impossible.

To sell a product or service you need to know your target audience. What is the target niche? What is your competitive advantage? Knowing your strengths will help you determine which demographic to target.

We will support you by providing you with the best tools and content to promote your project.


Your real estate project must be promoted through several communication media, and your website must be unique.

We will assist you in developing your web platform for an international audience.

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